Mubarak Hossain

Mubarak Hossain joined the Gianetti Lab on November, 2018 as a first year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry PhD program at the University of Arizona. He comes from Bangladesh where he received his B. Pharm. (Hons.) in Pharmacy and M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Dhaka. During his Master’s thesis he worked on the isolation of natural products from the stem bark of Murraya koenigii under supervision of Prof. Abdur Rashid, PhD. In that year long research, he successfully isolated three new coumarin derivatives from the stem bark of that plant species. Following the master’s research, he found more interest in organic and inorganic chemistry what motivated him to pursue his PhD in the organometallics and catalysis. After joining in the Gianetti Lab, currently he is focusing on the synthesis of transition metal complexes with carbocation containing ligands for Lewis acid-assisted catalysis.

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