Symmetric Organic Redox Flox Battery

Efficient storage of electricity remains one of the greatest challenges faced by the scientific community in the quest for clean energy. Redox-Flow-Batteries (RFBs), in which the energy is stored in liquid electrolyte solutions that flow through a battery of electrochemical cells during charge and discharge, is one of the promising technologies. Organic RFBs are a promising alternative to the expensive metal base batteries. Yet, these suffer from low efficiency and robustness, small open circuit potential (OCV), and cross-contamination. The goal of this project is to develop symmetric RFBs in the electrolyte are stable and photoactive heterocyclic carbenium with large OCV


Stable neutral radicals

Persistent organic radicals have gained considerable attention in the fields of catalysis and materials science. In particular, helical molecules are of great interest for the development and application of novel organic radicals in optoelectronic and spintronic materials.


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Chem. Sci. 2020, 11, 11060-11067