Alejandro Villalobos

Alejandro is a third year undergraduate student from Douglas, Arizona. He is a member of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC) and the Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (WAESO) professional organization at the University of Arizona, and is majoring in Chemistry. His focus in the lab is to utilize novel organometallic anodes for direct alcohol fuel cells. More specifically, the purpose of this project is the elaboration of efficient well-defined organometallic electrodes that electrocatalytically convert alcohol into energy chemicals. In addition to his work in the Gianetti lab, Alejandro is a tutor for general chemistry, calculus, and organic chemistry at the University of Arizona. He is also very involved in the department, as he is an ambassador and peer mentor for future students in the department. Alejandro is expected to graduate the spring of 2020 and hopes to continue on to a graduate program in Chemistry or Biochemistry. 

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Dr. Thomas Gianetti

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Alejandro Villalobos

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